You can find our swim sessions, advice on nutrition, thought provoking papers and our Master Documentation here:

Cockermouth Crocodiles Session Week 1

Week 1 Tuesday pm
Week 1 Wednesday am
Week 1 Wednesday pm
Week 1 Thursday pm
Week 1 Friday am
Week 1 Friday pm
Week 1 Sunday

Cockermouth Crocodiles Sessions Week 2

Week 2 Tuesday pm
Week 2 Wednesday am
Week 2 Wednesday pm
Week 2 Thursday pm
Week 2 Friday pm
Week 2 Friday am
Week 2 Sunday

Cockermouth Crocodiles Sessions Week 3

Week 3 Tuesday
Week 3 Wednesday am
Week 3 Wednesday pm
Week 3 Thursday pm
Week 3 Friday am
Week 3 Friday pm
Week 3 Sunday

Cockermouth Crocodiles Sessions Week 4

Week 4 Tuesday
Week 4 Wednesday am
Week 4 Wednesday pm
Week 4 Thursday pm
Week 4 Friday am
Week 4 Friday pm
Week 4 Sunday

Cockermouth Crocodiles Sessions Alternate sets

Week 4 Wednesday pm
Alternative set for Week 3 Wednesday am
Alternative set for Friday am week 3
Sprint Development Set 2.docx
Sprint Development Set Kick.docx
Alternate Set Week 4
Alternative set Friday am week 3
Skill Set 1.docx


BS Performance Meal Wheel 13.pdf
BS Recovery 13.pdf
BS Travel Nutrition 14.pdf

Swimming Papers

Believe in Yourself.pdf
Ten Questions You Want to Ask Your Coach but are Afraid to Ask.pdf
Streamline your way to success back to back format.pdf
mental preperation.pdf
Yes you can!.pdf

Master Swimming Documentation

master commitment sheet 2020-21.docx
Master Log book.xlsx
Race Objectives.ppt
Race Objectives.doc